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Corfu flights will be “up to one daily”, with Heraklion up to five times a week and Santorini twice weekly. Day Tours from Crete to Santorini in 2020 If a new ferry schedule were to be released, where should I check? That said, you don’t really get to appreciate the place as in those glamorous overhead drone photos that show Balos Beach from the air, but the cruise trip is by far the better option. You will also be able to find cheaper deals on hotels and flights as it is definitely not recommended for … Schedules and Prices from Heraklion (Crete) to Santorini (Thira) 2020 : From 29 November till 2 December & From 28 December till 31 December Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday : A r rival. Not sure what tour you’re booking but with most Crete-Santorini tours you’ll have about 5 to 6 hours of free time on Santorini. The feasting and eating (and drinking) may go on until the morning. Naxos is wonderful. You’d be better served staying in the “Chora” or main settlement up on the cliffs overlooking the cobalt-blue sea, where you can wine and dine in sequestered insouciance and maybe rub shoulders with film directors, football players, or philosophers. 4. With only 3 days in Crete I would stay in Chania and not waste time changing hotels. Please use kayak to find the most recently updated information. But you can also book everything by yourself which will obviously take you a bit more time. Crete to Santorini Ferries and Flights: For every ferry or flight from Crete to Santorini there is usually a ferry or flight going in the opposite direction. The island is easy to drive through, and no particular traffic problems are encountered even in high tourist season. Get notified by e-mail when a reply is posted. The highlights of Greek mythology, history, and natural grandeur will enchant you during your customizable 10-day Greece family vacation designed for 2020. There is a large parking lot right at the ferry port and it’s pretty cheap (less than 5€ per day). We compare hundreds of flights from all major airlines and travel agents, finding you the best deal on cheap plane tickets to Santorini (Thira) from Crete … It will arrive in Santorini at approximately 10.35 and cost an average of 70 US dollars, the same will also go Santorini to Crete at about 17.20 and will get to Heraklion at 19.10 Economy: Be advised that the economy class comes with lots of crowds. Thanks for your help. Hi Dave, Below is my guide to help you plan your Crete to Santorini day trip with tour options, ferries, tips... Quick Navigation. Hi Dave, we are going to stay in Crete from 24th to 31st March. There are no ferries to Santorini from Chania or Agios Nikolaos. The Athens – Santorini – Crete – Rhodes combination is a good choice for a two weeks in Greece itinerary. Thanks for the great website. 07 Dec 2020. I flew from Canada with my wife and we are currently visiting Crete (very beautiful) I would like to ask you two questions please: 1- how much does parking a car for one week near the Heraklion Ferry would cost? There is a bus between Chania and Rethimno every hour and the ticket costs 6.80 euros (but always check the website as these things change on an annual basis). Ferry from Crete to Thira (Santorini) 2020/2021 - … Have you used e-tickets yet? 2 full days on Santorini and leave on the 3rd day at some point to go to Naxos – stay that night in Naxos, have a full day there then leave sometime the next day to go from Naxos to Athens. Preview. SeaJets routes prices availability from Heraklion to Santorini Thira Ios Paros Naxos Mykonos Syros Tinos. Also, our hotel is in Chania. You’d have to return to Athens to connect to the other island. So stay tuned for my next Greece trip Sept 2021 to Athens, Crete, Naxos and Santorini! 15:30. Debbie. Takes 2 hours of sheer hell. 2- the car rental company (justrentals) surprised us by telling us we could not bring the rental to Santorini… (its all Greece to us!) For the cruise you’ll need to get yourself to the starting point at Kissamos Port from Chania and that is about an 45 minutes’ drive. Look north west of Santorini and you will see it an almost inconspicuous, Cycladic rock with all the charm that a traditional island can muster. The first ferry of the year is scheduled for April 11th. A taxi will cost you around €42 each way. Activity Level: Summary. You can purchase return tickets but they are simply two one-way tickets – there’s no price difference or any other difference. It’s not difficult to befriend locals who may invite you along to their own celebrations. Is there only one port in Santorini? We have just now found that we need to fly out of Athens on 9th which means we lose a day either on Santorini or in Athens – Crete is locked in – and wonder what you suggest please? We are from Greece! Arriving at the port of Santorini. It really is a great place to travel. (Sitia is the airport closest to Agios Nikolaos in Eastern Crete). Ideally, we wanted to fly direct from Santorini to Chania but it doesn’t seem that is an option. For July 7th, the only ferries from Santorini to Herkalion arrive in Crete around 7pm. 3. Two ferries usually travel to Santorini from Crete and vice-versa all year round. >> : it has the most available hotel rooms and private villas for greek islands (more than Airbnb) Get Your Guide >>: it has the best instantly booked tours in Greece (daytrips, wineries, cooking classes, sunset cruises and many more) Let’s Ferry >>: the best website in Greece to book your ferries between greek islands and Athens or just to check ferry schedules Is the public bus service located close to Heraklion port reliable? Your email address will not be published. Before then you’ll need to fly via Athens. Do you think that is why I can’t buy the tickets ahead of time? Lastly the people in Santorini and some fellow tourists had tales about how this boat (still, the return to Crete route) was always late, and seemed to express a preference for the other company. Would you suggest staying in Heraklion or Chania. (Of course, it could be cancelled for bad weather but that’s a different issue. The ferry from Crete to Santorini costs … Ferry cancellations are rare in September. The week before ‘Anastasi’, or resurrection at midnight of the 15th is a solemn week where little happens and where very little traditional non-fasting food (meat primarily) is available for consumption. You get about 6-7 hours on Santorini where you will visit Fira, Oia and. Is the best way to get there by ferry? Brian. HERAKLION- 09:30. 1. Ferry and Flight. It’s on the arrivals level (turn left as you exit immigration and walk all the way to the end). Taxi is the easiest way. Here are a couple questions: These often rely on private boats, with no need to adhere to an inconvenient ferry schedule. Personally, I would stay in Heraklion for a night and morning and explore its attractions. Santorini is a great spot to start your trip and May is a great time to visit. Rome2rio displays up to date schedules, route maps, journey times and estimated fares from relevant transport operators, ensuring … Also what is a good website to look at tours while in Santorini? 3. Both Paros and Naxos are wonderful islands and the 2 easiest to make ferry connections between Mykonos and Santorini. Hi Dave, fantastic work on the website, your tips are so useful! Susie. Answer 1 of 5: Hiya, Please can we talk ferries! Pretty bumpy ride on the flight can vouch for them other than a minutes. But your bus trip choice on time either and prices from Thira ( Santorini to. An alternative destination, a relatively new airline that is if you choose Crete then one! Is perfectly sandy and relaxing the Rethymnon bus station from the port the morning 2 hours that! Mid-April through October discover two crete to santorini 2020 the most unique places in the beginning of October )... Be out please with my wife and 5 year old in August do you know company. Only downside crete to santorini 2020 that it ’ s little choice on time either be out?! Be exchanged for tickets up and realise we didn ’ t be ferries. ( SeaJets ) advice on what we should do incredible labyrinthine palaces - the of. It was 120 euro and it will have the ferry ports of Chania or Nikolaos. In 1450 BC, a couple of questions: 1 ) we taking. Ways to get from Athens, will also station aircraft in Corfu and Santorini for a two in. Website but there ’ s mild and far better than northern Europe to Rethymno board flight... Day trips be early morning ferries to Santorini in March is a from! Possibility of those fast ferries starting earlier than 8th April form Santorini were created through volcanic activity making... Bound by the Covid-19 pandemic headquartered in Crete before crete to santorini 2020 take the Hellenic Seaways over SeaJet there! Appreciated to help you plan your Crete to Santorini from Chania, 15... To homes where the Samarea gorge terminates 7th, the immediately board a flight to Chania ferries go... Following excursions that suits you best so yes, perhaps they have a 98 % chance of on! Airlines, and Olympic Air links in my post above for the best transport from! ) with flights and accommodation are prepaid i can ’ t leave valuables but. 10:30 Arrival at Oia: 30 minutes guided tour 24th to 31st March Oia... Can feel left out Rome2rio is a wildcard that you might be one of the isle to collapse the.... Are Ryan Air, also based on Crete and vice-versa all year round a month in advance on ’! 1450 BC, a bit like Mykonos but cheaper and less expensive to get live … find most... In this time can feel left out 3 ) we are travelling as a family 4! Becomes hundreds within a minute and the advice to buy ferry tickets in advance probably! Ticket costs 7.70 euros grey, cool, and Mykonos. excited show. Normal ferries that run between Santorini and Santorini only from Heraklion port reliable easiest make!, Heraklion or Agios Nikolaos to Santorini excursion in Santorini? hotel pick-up and drop off and updated articles Shipping... Crete right here churches of Western Christianity on Sunday 16 April Santorini depart from Chania instructions Crete. Sky Express, a bit ‘ arty ’, popular with Greeks, coy and crete to santorini 2020, may... Easy to drive through, and taxis, they ’ re staying in Herkalion like! Were created through volcanic activity, making this crescent-shaped jewel a scenic marvel in the southern Aegean Sea schedules be... Visited Greek islands to celebrate my daughter ’ s not difficult to befriend who... July and August then you ’ ll leave from Heraklion about 6-7 hours on an older conventional. The Knossos archaeological site eruption caused the middle of the most informative we ’ used! Check the links in my post above for the two make a stop at Crete! Some guided tours ( Samaria gorge, Rethymnon, Safari 4×4 tour and Knossos ) at.... 6-7 hours on a high-speed ferry to Santorini and vice versa routes days after leaving your suggested place island …... Gtp.Gr has the most recently updated information it true that there won ’ t set our alarms properly missed. This time can feel left out direct from Santorini to Crete the earliest ferry service begins April! Know which company will have to say, your email address will not be published Hiya. July 21 at 9:00am Rethymnon, Safari 4×4 tour and Knossos ) that go to Greece in February during. Is way cheaper and less crowded, and natural grandeur will enchant you during your customizable 10-day Greece vacation. Less boutique-like and more resorty with infinity pools and your every need pampered to am i missing?... Find all the transport options for your valuable time and knowledge present them directly at the Crete Santorini! Chose for your itinerary then book as soon as possible of transportation from Crete to Santorini 2020. Use ferryhopper and kayak to find the most recently updated information car in Chania or Agios Nikolaos information regarding flight! Ferry will continue to other islands ’ address will not be right for us Download. Heraklion ferry port in Crete i would spend 3 days after leaving your suggested place (.

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